A/S Baltic Control Ltd, Aarhus was established in 1980 by Hugo Pedersen, at the port of Aarhus, Denmark, in order to offer control services in the agricultural sector, especially shiploads of grain and feed to the former Soviet Union and the DDR, where large quantities were shipped from Scandinavian ports on feeder vessels over the Baltic Sea - hence the name Baltic Control. The company quickly expanded to other regions and activities to what it is today; a truly global and recognized company operation in the testing inspection and certification (TIC) industry.

Baltic Control Certification A/S was established in May 2017, when the management of Baltic Control Group decided to gather the certification activities in an independent company with headquarter in Kgs. Lyngby north of Copenhagen.

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February 2019

WelFur is the first animalwelfare focused initiative ever to achieve recognition on highest EU level

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November 2018

Baltic Control® Certification moved to larger facilities at Kulsviervej 150 north of Copehagen

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