Jørgen Ivar Brus Mikkelsen currently runs a herd of Forest Cattle from the National Park Mols Bjerge. Since 2014, he has been certified by Baltic Control® Certification and has an annual inspection to ensure that his herd meets the certification and the quality requirements that accompany it. The final meat products from Jørgens herd are sold to retail shop MENY in Rønde, which handles sale to private consumers and restaurants. The background for the herd of Forest Cattle was the state's desire for nature conservation by Mols Bjerge.

What motivates Jørgen Ivar is to get out and into nature and breed the animals in their natural environment. An environment where their physiological and behavioral needs can be met. This fits well with what Jørgen Ivar sees as good animal welfare, namely to see the animals in their "natural environment". Animal welfare is a huge part of the Forest Cattle project, but Jørgen Ivar adds that a project and its economy must of course also be coherent.

Jørgen Ivar has always been involved in quality assurance and feels that as a producer you have a responsibility for ensuring that consumers can obtain documentation that they buy a quality product that meets certain standards. It was therefore a very conscious choice that he wanted to get his herd certified. Having a certification, he got a proof that what he does and is passionate about is quality controlled by an external body and that it is not just something he can vouch for himself. It is therefore a very conscious choice that he wanted to get his crew certified. They are therefore cooperating about providing the customers with good products and take responsibility for ensuring the high quality.

Jørgen Ivar has good experience with the annual audit carried out by Baltic Control® Certification in the herd. He describes the auditors as skilled and academically competent, not just a regular check-off check, but an audit characterized by good dialogue and inputs to what requirements must be fulfilled. Furthermore, he mentions that the auditors from Baltic Control® Certification perform on a professional and very credible level.



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