As First Class GAFTA member and full FOSFA member etc. we issue weight, quality and cleanliness certificates. A certified product must meet some very specific requirements that provide safety for consumers. Certification creates trust and a good image among consumers.

Baltic Control® can help you with the certification, which is your safety in a trade.

Baltic Control® has controllers and inspectors throughout Scandinavian, and of course in the rest of the world and with our presence in all the Scandinavian ports we can secure your product.

Our competent and professionally qualified controllers and inspectors have extensive experience in sampling and control according to various contracts.

Baltic Control® carries out inspection / control / inspection tasks on ships, containers, warehouses, leased values ​​etc. This is done in order to be able to document the goods condition on behalf of the buyer/seller.

We keep you constantly updated with the quality of the product either when loading or unloading.

In addition to weighing and checking, we also carry out other services related to the control and inspection area, the maritime industry, insurance companies, accountants, banks and authorities.

In addition to abovementioned services we also perform:

Draft survey - Measurement of ship before and after loading / unloading, whereby we calculate the quantity loaded on board or unloaded from the ship. Often used in connection with dry loads with no possibility of weighing the goods.

Ullage - Again a survey of the ship (or tank) to determine the quantity loaded or unloaded from the ship or tank. Often used in connection with liquid loads like oils eg. where weighing of the goods is not possible.

Marine survey - There may be many reasons for conducting a marine survey, but often it is to ascertain that there has been no damage to the product or ship. Or you want to be sure that the goods you ship or transport are not damage during transportation from the port of loading to the port of unloading.

Tally - Count one, count two, count three - it may sound simple, but it's actually harder than you might think. We have experience in performing tally control in connection with loading and unloading from ships, cars and containers. We also do stock counting to allow your company to document the exact number of units in stock.

Weighing - An opportunity that you may be able to save on your car's registration fee and annual weight tax.


If you are interested in the above mentioned inspection services or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on tel. +45 86 21 62 11 or by mail To find out more about Baltic Control® and our range of services please click here

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