Inspection of feed wheat for BMG A/S

For our customer BMG A/S, which is a total supplier of goods in agriculture and animal feed, it is Baltic Control®job to monitoring the loading of 7,700 tons of feed wheat and to check the product, quality, quantity and to carry out sampling.

BMG A/S buys grain from many larger and smaller grain suppliers. These smaller cargoes are consolidated in a shipment to their buyer. Our inspection and check of these cargoes means that before the loading on the ship we check the ship for purity and its general condition for the purpose of subsequent loading and transport of grain.

During delivery of the goods to the loading bay, the grain loads is sampled continuously as it is delivered to the ship and private analyzes are carried out to document the quality of the grain that has been delivered. Goods that do not meet the requirements, eg. by the existence of live pests in the grain or the water content does not match the contract, are returned to the supplier. The quantity delivered and loaded on board is checked for correct weighing and the weights used for this have the necessary and valid calibrations.

After the loading has been completed, samples are submitted for official laboratory analyzes as well as distributed according to the trade contract for the shipment.

Finally, the necessary certificates are issued according to the shipping and trading contract.

Dan Vestergaard Jessen from BMG A/S says: “We have used Baltic Control® for many years since they are a reliable service supplier. Baltic Control® guarantees that the goods we order will be delivered in accordance with the current contract”.


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