DANISH product standard

"Since January 1st 2009, Baltic Control® Certification has had the assignment of controlling the Danish pig herds. They are very serious and professional in the performance of the task" says Asger Kjær Nielsen, Quality Manager for DANISH in SEGES Knowledge Center for Pig Production. "Baltic Control® Certification has a great understanding and can navigate in a world where many parties are included: pig producers, slaughterhouses, carriers and organizations just to mention a few".

Asger Kjær Nielsen here refers to the industry standard DANISH Product Standard - one of several animal welfare certifications that Baltic Control® Certification undertakes.

A DANISH certification means that all pigs are subjected to control from birth to sale, including transport and slaughtering. This ensures that the pigs are bred and transported in a "controlled" environment.

However, sometimes our auditors in animal welfare find deviations and conditions that rise sanctions. At worst, this means elimination of approval from the SPS-SUS website.

But fortunately, it is mostly positive observations Baltic Control® Certification auditors take home from the more than 3000 annual audits at the DANISH pig herds. "We also have exciting experiences" says auditor Sofie from region Sjælland, recently she visited a brand new pig farm. "To take advantage of the ceiling height a ramp was built to the piglets. Hence this they could move on several levels and search for caves on the lower floors. This meant an extension of their walking area and the possibility of better freedom of movement".

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