Baltic Control® India is approved by APEDA as an accredited inspection and certification body. This means that Baltic Control® India can offer Indian clients to carry out accredited and reliable inspection and certification audits as per National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) standards, a programme which is globally accepted. The APEDA accreditation of Baltic Control® India covers:

  1. Organic Crop Production module:

a. Individual Farmer

b. Small Farmer Group/ICS

  1. Input Manufacturer
  2. Wild Collection

A product grown by a producer in India by adopting and implementing organic practices can only be sold as organic when the product is certified as organic as per Indian organic standards NPOP. A buyer or a consumer interested in organic products will certainly ask for a guarantee of the organic origin of the product according to the rules which are applicable in the country. A NPOP certificate issued by Baltic Control® India provides this guarantee. 

For NPOP related documents: Please click here 

List of certified operators: Please click here
List of withdrawn operators: Please click here

Please do not hesitate to contact Baltic Control® India if you have any questions or inquiries and they will be happy to assist you: e-mail: and or tel.: +91 22 6695 4185.


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