Food safety starts at the feed. It is essential that all processes related to production / storage / transport / feed processing are well controlled since the feed that the animals eat ends up later on our dinner tables. GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme not only establishes conditions regarding production facilities for feed, but also for storage, transport, personnel, procedures, documentation etc.

GMP+ International, together with its partners, establishes clear conditions to ensure feed safety and sustainability. Feed safety and quality are key issues for all feed handling companies. A systematic approach to feed safety is crucial to feed quality and food safety as well as minimizing any possible risks.

Companies wishing to internationalize their business in Europe must be certified to a standard recognized by GMP+. The standard is aimed at dealers, manufacturers and transporters of feed.

A GMP+ audit could, as an example, include following themes: document review of the company's quality management system

  1. Organization, quality goals, quality requirements, management evaluation 
  2. Staff
  3. Education and training
  4. Quality procedures/instructions, including employees' personal hygiene, smoking, etc.
  5. Registrations / monitoring of suppliers
  6. Review of recipient procedures and delivery notes
  7. Transport, both internal and external
  8. Internal audits
  9. Traceability
  10. Calibration of weights, measuring instruments, etc.
  11. Review of procedure and documentation of cleaning. Pest control, drying and handling of feed and mixed feed
  12. Handling of non-conforming products
  13. Special risks for example coccidiostats, fish meal or veterinarian prescribed zinc feed

If you want to be GMP+ Feed certified or want to learn more about this certificate please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +45 39 39 01 35 or by mail

For further information about GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme please click here

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Charlotte Stamp Frandsen
Scheme Manager

+45 40 30 70 85

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