WelFur is an animal welfare certification programme developed for Fur Europe by well renowned and independent scientists from European universities. The programme includes mink, fox and finnraccoons. Fur Europe represents the entire value chain of the European fur industry including farmers, trappers, auction houses, brokers, buyers, design centers, dressers, dyers, manufacturers and retailers.

The European fur industry’s animal welfare programme WelFur has been endorsed by the European Commission as a Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation Initiative. It is the first animal welfare programme ever to be promoted in the Commission’s database of so-called ‘soft law’ initiatives. For more information please sustainablefur.com

In 2017 Baltic Control® and Fur Europe made a contract which ensured that 3,700 mink, fox and finnraccoon farms became WelFur certified by 2020. After the initial certification is completed, the farms will receive a yearly maintenance assessment.

It requires three farm assessments to obtain the WelFur certification. Each farm must receive an assessment visit during each of the three production periods: mating, weaning and pelting. Once the initial certification is complete, the farm will receive an annual maintenance visit - with an annual rotation during the periods.

The WelFur programme includes assessments conducted by Baltic Control® assessors and is based on four principles within animal welfare:

  • Good feeding
  • Good housing
  • Good health
  • Appropriate behavior

The implementation of the WelFur certification programme began the 1st of January 2017 and the first WelFur certified furs were sold through the fur auction houses in April 2020.

A farm without a WelFur certification when the skins are ready to be sold in 2020 cannot sell the skins through the auction houses until the farm has obtained a WelFur certification.

If you want to become WelFur certified or have any questions about WelFur certification, please do not hesitate to contact us on tel. +45 91 23 01 92 or by e-mail to stc@balticcontrol.com

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