Baltic Control® Certification has moved to new location

An increasing level of activity and consequent increasing number of employees forced Baltic Control® Certification to leave the cozy office in inner Copenhagen. We have moved to larger and very atmospheric facilities in an old water mill in the middle of scenic Kgs. Lyngby, more specifically at Kulsviervej 150, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby which is north of Copenhagen.

In these beautiful surroundings we enjoy fresh air and space (and not to forget: free parking) while we continue our focus on certification of food safety, animal welfare and sustainability.


A little information about the historical building and the area:

In the beautiful woods north of Copenhagen, coal saturation was once popular, due to a great need and demand for charcoal for heating houses and factories. The charcoal-men walked from the woods called Gribskov along Kulsviervej and all the way to Kultorvet in inner Copenhagen to sell their charcoal.

The building which now houses our new office is originally an old water- and papermill. A little scary curiosity tells about a murder in 1837 of the factory's horse carriage driver Lars Pedersen.

Today we are not surrounded by either charcoal-men or murderers, but by nature lovers who enjoy being in close contact with nature and yet still close to Copenhagen. We share the address with architects Fogh & Følner Arkitektfirma A/S.

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