Baltic Control® has a weight for vehicles placed at the Port of Aarhus:

Vejebro Aarhus
Multivej 12
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Capacity: up to 70,000 kg.


The weight is subject to verification by the Force Institute to ensure that all weighings are performed with the highest possible accuracy and the result of the weighing can therefore be used in connection with all types of purchase and sale.

We also carry out weighings in connection with the registration of passenger cars, minivans, disabled cars, buses, trucks and special purpose vehicles.

Our electronic weighing equipment quickly registers the weight and through a special developed IT system a weighing note is produced which contains all the information about the weighing, including names of the requester, supplier and recipient, as well as information about the item, car or container number and the time of the weighing.

Outside normal opening hours, it is possible, by prior arrangement, to make weighings by card where the driver himself perform the weighing via our self-service terminal. If your company needs this outside normal business hours service, please contact us so we can arrange the specific circumstances associated with this.

As mentioned, all weighings are documented via a weighing note printed on the weight. By appointment this weighing note can also be sent by e-mail to a selected recipient like receiver / supplier, transport company, SKAT, etc. You are immediately informed of how large a quantity is on the weighted unit.

Please call us on +45 86 21 62 11 for further information about our weighing services.



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