Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission levels are increasing more than our globe can cope with, therefore demand for and production of sustainable biomasses and biofuels are increasing rapidly. The future energy supply can depend on the sustainable production of biofuels.

To prove sustainable production of biomasses and biofuels, certification is an effective way of demonstrating traceability of biofuel and biomass products throughout the supply chain. The ISCC and REDcert standards focus on reducing greenhouse gases throughout the value chain, sustainable land use, land use change, protection of nature and social sustainability for commodity production. Based on the RED Directive EU directive 2009/28 / EF changed through Directive 2015/1513. ISCC and REDcert require a minimum greenhouse gas emission saving of 60% from January 2018. All biomasses and ready-to-use fuel must also comply with the sustainability principles. ISCC EU is a wordwide standard while REDcert can only be obtained within the EU borders.

ISCC PLUS includes certification that can cover all types of agricultural and forestry raw materials, food, chemical / technical substances, bio-based products and other areas where practical use of biomass is possible.

As an example ISCC and REDcert auditing could review the following topics: Document review of the company’s quality management system:

  1. Organization, Quality Assurance, Quality Requirements, Management Evaluation
  2. Staff
  3. Training
  4. Quality Procedures / instructions
  5. Registrations
  6. Transportation
  7. Internal audits
  8. Traceability detection in any methods of analysis, laboratory approvals, weights, measuring instruments, etc.
  9. Review of reception procedures and delivery notes
  10. Review of documentation of quantities of primary product produced, as well as bi- and waste products / waste & residues
  11. Mass balance and GHG calculations are reviewed by trained experts
  12. Review of suppliers incl. certificates and declarations of conformity
  13. Supplier visit / audit of suppliers. Baltic Control Certification performs supplier audit within both ISCC and REDcert ind Denmark and abroad.

Please contact us by phone +45 39 39 01 35 or by e-mail to learn more about these standards and the various scoops in these certification systems. We’ll be happy to provide a targeted offer that fits your business.

For more information about ISCC please click here

For more information about REDcert please click here


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Maja Henriksen
Scheme Manager

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