1. Baltic Control Certification A/S is obliged to be impartial when carrying out activities related to product certification and management systems. Baltic Control Certification A/S understands the importance of impartiality in the performance of our certification activities in relation to product and management systems, and we handle conflicts of interest and ensure objectivity when carrying out certification activities.


  1. When a relationship poses an unacceptable threat to impartiality, certification must not be performed.


  1. Baltic Control Certification A/S must not offer or provide advice on product or management systems.


  1. Baltic Control Certification A/S must not offer or carry out internal audits at certified customers. Baltic Control Certification A/S must not certify a management system that we have performed internal audit within 2 years after the internal audit is completed.


  1. Baltic Control Certification A/S has set up an external certification committee which evaluates the measures set up by Baltic Control Certification A/S to respond to threats to our impartiality caused by actions taken by other persons, institution or companies.


  1. Baltic Control Certification A/S ensures that our staff, both internally and externally including committees, that will be able to influence the certification activities, must act impartially and must not let commercial, economic or other forms of pressure cause doubts about our impartiality.


  1. Baltic Control Certification A/S requires that both internal and external staff draw attention to matters that they are aware of may represent a potential conflict of interest for themselves or for Baltic Control Certification A/S. Baltic Control Certification A/S must use this information as input to identify threats to impartiality arising from activities performed by this staff or the companies employing them and may not use this staff, neither externally or internally, unless they can explain that there is no conflict of interest.
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